A large group
with an international profile

The propulsive drive of Italian family entrepreneurship, a background of technical expertise, market knowledge, design, production and distribution skills make Giordano Riello International Group one of the leading players in European and global industry.

Brand of company



World leader in the air conditioning industry: offering environmentally friendly products, services and solutions, meeting the most advanced market demands.


European leader in the production of finned pack heat exchangers for both domestic and industrial applications.


Technological point of reference in Structural Health Monitoring, i.e., monitoring the health status of buildings over time, with the purpose of detecting structural variations and anomalies, related to local damage, variations in the geometry or behavior of materials.


It is a flexible and experienced partner in the production of high-quality units for air conditioning systems.


It meets all the needs of the electric motor market by designing and building products tailored to customers’ needs and requirements.


aggregate turnover


number of employers


manufacturing facilities

Aermec, Fast, Sierra, Rpm Italy, Rpm Hungary, Elettrotest, GR, Nplus

presence in the world

Italy, Germany, France, UK, Poland, Chile, Russia, Hungary, Dubai

A group of productive and commercial businesses capable of satisfying an increasingly articulated and complex global demand for welfare, in harmony with environmental sustainability.