Founded in 2013, Nplus is a technology point of reference in Italy and the only company active in the three main vertical fields: Hardware and System Integration, Software (field manager, data analysis and Bridge Management System) and SHM Engineering Services (inspections, diagnostics and reports).

Nplus produces the “technology of the future” and caters to Industries 4.0 with a product offering that finds its way into the organization’s various operating areas, from structural monitoring to marine lighting to pure electronics.

With one of the most experienced SHM teams in Europe, Nplus manufactures its own hardware, aiming for a short, flexible and efficient supply chain. Nplus’ production facilities ensure the highest quality in meeting customer needs: from supply, to implementation through the highest standards of testing and traceability available. All systems are developed and produced within the borders of the country.

The lean, well-designed organization is performance-oriented and enables Nplus to provide a complete range of technologies and services, with a unique verticalization of the supply chain.
An ongoing corporate commitment that takes shape through its various functions: Operations, Design & Manufacture, Software and ICT, Structural Engineering, R&D and Finance.