Giordano Riello International Group: 100 years of history, five generations

First generation

Born in 1868, Ettore Riello emigrated to Brazil when he was still in his 20s, and upon his return to Italy in 1922, he founded the manufacturing company Officine Fratelli Riello. His success in the field of burners brought the factory and the Riello name to an international level


Second generation

Raffaello, Ettore’s second son and Giordano’s father, was an artist among a family of mechanics and contributed with his work to the birth of the great heat business, OFR (Officine Fratelli Riello) maintaining the family balance, smoothing “the edges of the mechanics.”.



Giordano, Ettore’s nephew, thanks in part to the input of his father Raphael and uncle Pilade, “produced” his first air conditioner in 1961, creating the Aermec brand, one of the first air conditioner manufacturers in Europe. Later, Giordano Riello founded Giordano Riello International Group.

Fourth and fifth

The fourth generation, represented by Alessandro and Raffaella Riello, has picked up the torch of values and projects and is dedicated to passing it on, with the tenacity that has always distinguished the family, to Giordano and Lorenzo, the fifth generation.


“The success of a business is the result of sacrifice, work, intuition and the courage to invest in one’s ideas without forgetting one’s origins. Roots are a heritage that businesses cannot give up, because they give strength and constant motivation to what one does.”

Giordano Riello